Thursday, July 2, 2009


Hey sorry it took so long to update. I've been super busy since I got here and just forgot about updating. So I'll give you the rundown on everything right now.

Orientation was amazing we had tons of fun at both the California and Tokyo one. All the Americans got really close and are still in contact with each other. There are 25 Americans in Japan right now with more to possibly come in September as Semester students. The plane ride here was long. The just stuck all 25 of us on a plane with no adults so it was a little crazy.

I've been with my host family since March and it's been fun. This family is only my Welcome family though so i have to move host families again. I move July 15th. My new family seems really nice and they own a convenience store.

School is really fun too. All girls is very different then co-ed but i like it. All the girls are really nice and there are a lot of returnees from studying abroad or living abroad. I joined the tennis club at school because there is no rugby club.

My Japanese is coming along slowly. It's improving but I'm still not good at speaking and such.

I'm having a really fun time in Japan and will update again soon.